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When handsome Tahoe City bakery owner Colin Matthews is found dead in the granite-walled Absinthe Room under the Whitaker estate, everyone in the small mountain community is shocked. But when the sheriff’s deputy informs Rylie that the deceased had a piece of paper in his pocket with her name and cell phone number on it, it gets personal. She just arrived at the Whitaker estate a couple of days ago. She had met Colin Matthews, but she had only spoken with him briefly. Her vision of a summer spent working at the lake to help her rest and recharge from her work as a veterinarian is shattered.


Why did Colin Matthews have her name and cell phone number in his pocket? How did he get her cell phone number in the first place? With the help of her loving golden retriever Bella and her new friends, Rylie searches for clues to clear her name of suspicion and help the sheriff’s department solve the case. 




Now including a special Bonus Chapter titled Arthritis In Dogs: Multimodal Treatment To Help Your Dog Feel More Comfortable.

"Loved it from start to finish. Informative, creative, and intelligent." - Denise, Goodreads.

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