Murder in the Absinthe Room at Lake Tahoe_edited.jpg

I am querying agents for my cozy mystery

Murder in the Absinthe Room at Lake Tahoe.

Here's the book blurb:

Veterinarian Rylie Sunderland thought she had her life figured out until everything in her life implodes and she becomes a suspect in a murder investigation.

After losing her job to a fire that destroyed the veterinary hospital where she worked, Rylie takes a summer job as a part-time caretaker at an old Tahoe estate turned B & B in north Lake Tahoe called the Whitaker estate. A few days after she arrives in Lake Tahoe, handsome Tahoe City bakery owner Colin Matthews is found dead in the granite-walled Absinthe Room under the Whitaker estate. When detective Mark Felton informs Rylie that the deceased had a piece of paper in his pocket with her name and cell phone number on it, it gets personal. She had only just met Colin Matthews. Why and how did he get her cell phone number?


As Rylie searches for answers to clear her name, she discovers clues to the mystery in unlikely locations around the lake: a note found buried in the dirt over Colin Matthews’ grave, an antique silver finish Zippo lighter engraved with the Tree of Life found at the crime scene, a mysterious set of documents written in a foreign language hidden in a wooden statue of a Scandinavian peasant girl at Vikingsholm...


The list of suspects grows, and Rylie and the full-time caretakers Gillian and Liam are concerned for their safety and the safety of others at the estate. With her loving golden retriever Bella by her side and the help of her new friends, Rylie works to find the evidence needed to clear her name and help handsome detective Felton solve the case. And as if solving a murder mystery isn’t enough, Rylie has to work on overcoming her fear of change and figure out what she’s going to do with her life once her summer job is over.