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Vengeance in the Vines by Rachele Baker

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Vengeance in the Vines

By Rachele Baker

Secrets can be deadly. When the owner of a local bar is found dead in his home after eating at her best friend’s husband’s restaurant, veterinarian Rylie Sunderland is determined to uncover the truth to save her friend.


Rylie’s happy when she gets a long-term locum veterinarian job in the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. She’s looking forward to enjoying the area and spending time with her best friend Sophie and Sophie’s husband Lucien.


That is until the owner of a local bar is found dead in his home after having eaten at Lucien’s restaurant during the Chamber of Commerce awards dinner.


Evidence piles up against Lucien, but Rylie is certain he’s innocent. She feels compelled to do whatever she can to help clear him of suspicion.


When Rylie meets Alex, the handsome son of the man who died after eating in Lucien’s restaurant, they can’t deny their attraction to each other. And they’re both motivated to find out who killed Alex’s father. Alex believes Lucien’s innocent. He has some ideas of his own as to who may have had motive to kill his father.


Rylie goes to the detective in charge of the case with each new piece of information she finds that she thinks could be relevant to the murder investigation. But he seems to be laser focused on the mounting evidence against Lucien and doesn’t appear to be swayed by any of the information she brings him.


The pressure increases as Rylie’s best friend Sophie struggles to deal with the stress of the investigation involving her husband. Will the secrets of the past prevent the truth from being revealed?

Murder in the Absinthe Room at Lake Tahoe
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