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Lake Tahoe

Rachele Baker

Mystery Author

Tragedy in Tahoe: Rylie Sunderland Mysteries Book 1 by Rachele Baker
Tragedy in Tahoe: Rylie Sunderland Mysteries Book 1 by Rachele Baker
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This suspenseful small town cozy mystery is perfect for fans of Kate Carlisle and Jenn McKinlay.
“Outstanding characters and a complex mystery.” 5 Stars
“Mystery, murder, beautiful scenery, twists and turns, some surprises too. Great read.” 5 Stars
After the veterinary hospital where she worked burns to the ground, veterinarian Rylie Sunderland packs up her golden retriever Bella and moves to Lake Tahoe for a temporary summer job at an old Lake Tahoe estate that’s been converted into a bed and breakfast inn while she tries to figure out what to do next with her life.
Then, just a few days after she arrives in Lake Tahoe, handsome local bakery owner Colin Matthews is found dead in a secret tunnel that runs under the bed and breakfast inn where she’s working. When the detective in charge of the case informs Rylie that they found a note in Colin’s pocket with her name and cell phone number on it, she’s shocked. She’d only just met Colin. How and why did he get her cell phone number? Is she now considered a suspect?
With her loving golden retriever by her side and the help of friends both old and new, Rylie works to find the evidence needed to clear her name. As her search continues, she discovers clues to the mystery in unlikely locations around the lake, and the list of suspects grows.
Will she be able to find the answers she needs before she has to trade in her scrubs for prison garb?

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Rachele Baker, Mystery Author

I’m a veterinarian and the author of the Rylie Sunderland cozy mystery series. I live in northern California close to Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley wine country where the Rylie Sunderland Mysteries take place. I drew on my many years of experience as a practicing veterinarian to develop the main character for this series, Rylie, who is also a veterinarian. My golden retriever Savanna was the inspiration for Rylie’s golden retriever Bella.

I’m currently working on the first book in a new cozy mystery series set in a small college town in northern California similar to where I currently live. The main character in this series, Gianna, is the youngest in a big Italian family. She and her older brother Nico co-own and work in the second location of their family’s Italian deli.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring northern California wine country, Lake Tahoe, and areas along the California coast like Mendocino, Monterey, and Big Sur. Some of my favorite things include freshly brewed coffee in the morning, walks in nature, and, of course, golden retrievers.


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